Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lake Powell & Lower Antelope Canyon - Page, AZ

This is the last post of our 3 part series of our Memorial day weekend trip. Read about our experiences in Zion National Park here and an account of the first half of our stay in page, Arizona here.

The last couple of days in Page were spent speedboating on the magnificent Lake Powell and exploring Lower Antelope Canyon.

Day 4:  Lake Powell  is not a regular lake with a vast expanse of water. It meanders through stunning red rock canyons that create a very unique and dramatic experience. We first saw the lake from the lookout point of our hotel. It is difficult to gauge the actual size of the lake without getting in it. We rented our speed boat for the entire day from Wahweap Marina. When you are on the lake you get a sense of the size of the canyons and the lake. The boat was very comfortable for the 4 of us, and was super fun to drive really fast. Our original plan was to go upto the Rainbow bridge. However,  the rental company told us that it could take upto 8 hours as it is easy to get lost between the many twists and turns of the canyons. In the 90 degree weather, it was just perfect to hit other boats' wake and let the water splash on us. You navigate using a map and the mile markers on the lake. We spent most of our time in the Navajo Canyon region of the lake. The lake narrows in that area and the blue water turns into a gorgeous emerald green. The red canyons and green lake create a magical contrast. There were huge rock formations in the middle of the lake as well, and some side canyons were quite narrow. Carry lots of water, sunscreen and food as it gets very hot and dry.

The lake is extremely clean, thanks to the Trash Tracker program that comes together every year to cleanup the lake. We met a lady who helps run this program where people volunteer to spend 5-7 days on a houseboat that has been donated by Lake Powell resort and Marina. - Alain hulot

Day 5: This was the last day of the trip, and turned out to be the most unforgettable part. We went to the Lower Antelope Canyon, and the formations are just unbelievable. We took the 9:30 am tour and were able to see a variety of colours because of the sunlight. There are many tour operators for Upper Antelope Canyon. However, Ken's guided tours is the only one company that operates in the Lower Antelope Canyon. Advanced booking is not required and tours run every half hour. Tickets can be purchased at the Canyon entrance that you can drive to. 

We loved both the Canyons, but if you have time for only one, we strongly suggest going to Lower Antelope Canyon. The entrance is just a small opening in the ground that you jump into to see this incredible hidden beauty. This canyon is narrower and has many more twists as well as levels. The myriad of colors and formations at every turn is mesmerizing. There are a few flight of stairs at certain places and also some narrow crevices to squeeze through but overall the walk is easy. 

This canyon has more light than the Upper canyon, making photography easier without a tripod. Our tour guide Ray was absolutely awesome. He knew a lot about DSLRs and helped us with the settings. He was fun and athletic, sliding down the handrails and jumping down the different levels. He was willing to take our photos, and we were very happy to oblige.

The picture below is my favorite. Love the medley of colors.

Hope you had fun reading our posts about our experiences in Utah and Arizona. We will be back with more posts soon!

- Dee

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