Friday, April 12, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park for K's Birthday in 2011. Other than not being able to wake up in time to catch our 5am flight, the trip was pretty amazing. Dee was trying out her photography skills with her new DSLR, and the pics came out awesome for a novice.

Our hotel was right next to a river and had a beautiful lawn with chairs and swings:

We hiked the Nymph lake and Dream lake trails. These hikes were of moderate level and very beautiful. We saw a lot of wildlife all over the park.

Most of the lodging is in an area called Estes Park, which is very close to the national park. Get an ice-cream or other sweet treats from Laura's Fudge shop before your hike. They are awesome!

Here is a picture of the Stanley hotel where all of the rooms have had out-of-the-ordinary experiences reported, including having items moved from place to place, as well as lights turning on and off. The movie "The shining" was inspired by the events that occurred in this hotel.

- Yam


  1. Those pics are absolutely amazing!! What a gorgeous place!!

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  3. those photos are so gorgeous! i love the woods and now have a new place to put on my travel list. great waterfall photography too!

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  4. Thanks Angie and devorelebeaumonstre :)

  5. Beautiful photos, I really love RMNP

  6. So pretty!

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