Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Travel Wish list

I was reading an article on one of my favorite travel blog -Adventurous Kate - about having a wish list of places to visit. I thought of working on one for myself. I decided to keep the list short, so that it is achievable. I also kept it to the US for now. I would really love to go to  the following 3 places:
At the top of my list is Antelope Canyon. It is a photographer's dream. Most photo galleries in Arizona, Vegas and California would have at least one picture of Antelope Canyon. 

[Between the time I first thought of writing this post and today, I have already made some progress. I have this trip charted out for the summer. :)]
I also want to see the Niagara falls, both the US and Canada sides. I am hoping for a trip to New york in the later half of the year when my parents are visiting. Can you believe that I have visited New York but have not seen the Statue of Liberty, Niagara falls etc. Well, in my defence, I was busy sampling the awesome food.
Next on the list is Alaska. I want to experience Alaska's official state sport - Dog Mushing. Alaska also has a lot of adventure sports like ziplining and rafting. Visiting the Fjords and Glaciers is on top of my list.

What's on your travel wish list? We would love to hear back from you. Comment about the places you would love to visit.
- Dee


  1. Antarctica is always my number one spot. There's something so mysterious about it!

    1. Hi Julia, Hope you can make it there soon! Should be an incredible experience.

  2. I see you guys already did the Antelope Canyon :)..all three places are very pretty..i have done all of them and must say Alaska is hands down..its heaven on earth!!

    1. Pooja, Alaska is right on top of my wishlist! I was hoping to go there this summer. I saw your pics from Denali National Park. They were awesome :)

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