Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best Airline Deals for March

There are great airline deals available nowadays. These deals are available for both local and international flights. Top destinations currently are Hawaii and Mexico, while there are also amazing deals for short distance flights. A little over a month back, Hawaii flights were available for as low as $250 (which is a steal!). Ah and I just completed a Big Island, Hawaii vacation. The ticket prices were $350 a person, which wasn't a bad deal at all.

Mexico is a hot travel destination during the spring break. Most carriers are providing discounted rates for Mexico. American Airlines has some great prices for travel to Mexican cities, including Cancun, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta. Departures are valid any day from April 1 through June 11, with returns complete by June 13. Fares start at $284 round-trip. The best deals are from Florida and California. Flying out of the east coast will be in the $400- $500 range. Prices keep changing, so please check company website for most accurate pricing. 

One of the top deals I came across is the $49 (starting) one-way on Frontier Airlines. The deal is available only for 4 more days - you buy by 3/18/2013 and fly by 6/8/2013. From what I checked, there are 60+ locations to choose from. Hurry fast if you want to get some good deals!! I personally loved the deal for New York from San Francisco for $151 one-way (price is the same for both ways). I am planning to get that one. A New York shopping trip is long due ;). Get your deals here

Another great deal is available on JetBlue. You can explore 70+ locations with fares from $59 one-way. I just had a cursory look through the deals and one that stood out was a $69 one-way from La Guardia to Rochester. Am planning to use that to visit the Niagara falls once I decide on the New York trip. I did not see a deadline for buying or travel dates, but the website booking is open only until October. Check here for JetBlue deals.

Alaskan Airlines also has deals starting from $69 one-way. Two deals that stand out to me are - $69 from LA to San jose; and $159 one-way from oakland to Maui! They have restriction on travel dates based on location and there are also blackout dates. Purchase by 11:59 p.m. (PT) on March 19, 2013. Deals available here

Hope you got some great pointers here. Let us know if you got some great deals from here, or point us to new locations for better deals! :)

- Dee

PS: This is not a sponsored post. All deals were discovered while searching for best prices for self travel purposes.

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