Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Sur - July 2012

Big Sur is definitely one of the most gorgeous drives in the world. It is absolutely unique with majestic mountains on one side and the beautiful Pacific Ocean on the other side. Every turn makes your jaw drop, and this is one place that never gets boring, no matter how many times you have been there. Just keep driving south on HWY1 beyond Monterey and Carmel and be prepared to be amazed.

We went back during the July 4th holiday last year that happened to be mid-week forcing us to stay local. I appreciate living in the bay area and realize how lucky we are to have such beautiful getaways right next to us. A single day can feel like a mini vacation!

We were probably vising Big Sur for the first time in July, and were pleasantly surprised to see colorful flowers blanketing the never ending slopes.

We did a short hike that ended in a secluded beach area where you could sit on the rocks and have the mist cool you on a hot summer day.

Tips: There is a great restaurant called Cafe Kevah in Nepenthe in Big Sur. It has the most amazing views. Along with regular restaurant seating, there is patio seating with ocean views and also a fireplace in front, around which there is more seating. The food and drinks are really good.

- Dee


  1. Hey there Dee, You have some very beautiful pictures of Big Sur. I haven't been there in years. It is beautiful there thanks for sharing. Also I wanted to thank you for your visit over at my site. Take care, Angelia @

  2. Thanks Angelia. I hope you keep visiting and liking our posts. Like our Facebook page at and you will receive updates for new posts.


  3. Amazing pics, thanks for the recommendation, we drove up to Big Sur for my birthday weekend and had my birthday brunch at Cafe Napenthe :) Great food and an ever better view to gaze at, keep the recommendations coming they are very helpful!!!

  4. Jasmine, hope you had a great birthday. I love Big Sur :)